Sunday, May 1, 2011

A New Chapter in Blogging

Hi Friends and Visitors,

It is almost three years since mid-2007 that I start blogging and along the years I learn more about myself, discovered my new passion in photography and made some good friends. However as I'm taking on more job responsibilities, need to keep track with school works and hope to devote more time for family, I find myself seriously short of time and the time seems getting shorter day-by-day! Eventually I found updating Ben's Slice of Life become a heavy burden instead of a healthy venue for self-expression, due to lack of time. Thus, I decided to take a whole new approach on blogging, focusing on thing I enjoy most, which is photography and do away with story-telling.

As the old adage said, a picture is worth a thousand words is ringing so true to me when one has so much to express yet has so little time available. So I'll start a new chapter of my blogging life in Ben's Photo Journal at It is a photoblog where I'll share photos that I taken and cherish since I seriously into photography with Canon 450D in mid-2009 and Canon 7D in early 2010 till present. I hope you will stopping by Ben's Photo Journal and I greatly appreciate your questions, thoughts and opinions as these will help me to grow in my photographic endeavors. 

Starting today, I'll not be updating Ben's Slice of Life unless I'm so compelled to. I would like to thank you for your visits and valuable comments to Ben's Slice of Life of these years.

All right see you there in Ben's Photo Journal and cheerio!

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